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Is there anything I must not do before my appointment?

Do not have coffee or alcohol 12hrs before procedure. They are stimulants and thin your blood. Having either coffee or alcohol prior will prevent optimuim absorption of the anesthetic, which will cause discomfort.

If you are on blood thinning medication, it is preferable where possible to take it after the procedure.

Is there anything I must bring to my appointment?

Depending on what you will be having done please remember to bring with what you currently use to colour your eyes, brows or lips. This will be helpful in determining a mutual understanding for colour choice and the density of application.

Can “Make up” still be used after Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup is long-lasting, but one can still wear fashionable make-up. Permanent Makeup simply builds the foundation for looking perfect without looking made-up. It is advised to request a look that resembles your day make to which you will then build on with make up for an evening look. Its permanent and you don’t want to wake up with evening makeup.

What’s a Touch-Up and Do I Need One?

Permanent cosmetic procedures are a process and at least one follow-up to the initial procedure should be scheduled 4 to 6 weeks from the initial appointment. This allows adequate time for the skin to heal. Any sooner and you will experience heightened sensitivity during the procedure. Lip procedures require minimum six weeks as they are softer and more sensitive.
A touch up is the cherry on the top. It is usually takes 1hr to go over what was previously done to ensure longevity and to correct anything that needs to be corrected in shape or colour. You may now be used to the eyeliner or brows and would like them to be a little thicker or darker.
Often the tattooed color is not 100% even after the initial procedure as different sides of the face may heal differently. You may sleep predominantly on one side this side may appear lighter as the scab/flacking came off sooner. One side is always more sensitive which also may effect the density of colour that side or area.

Are There Any Side Effects During or After the Procedure?

  • While eyebrows may show little after effect, eyeliner and lips may show slight to moderate swelling.  This is very dependent upon the amount of work performed. As examples; an eyelash enhancement will show very little response to the tattooing procedure compared to a more moderate response when wide eyeliner is performed.  The same philosophy applies to lip color procedures.  A lip liner or blended lip liner will show less effects of the procedure than that of a full lip color.  Also, some people swell more from minor skin infractions than others. An ice pack on the area for 10 mins at a time will minimize and bring down swelling.
  • During the procedure there may be some minor bleeding/weeping. This again, is client specific. Many people take blood thinners on a daily basis so some slight bleeding would be expected. Others show little or no signs of bleeding. Bruising is rare but again, if a person is on blood thinners, or they have more vascular eyelids bruising can occur.  Eyebrows rarely if ever produce any bruising whilst minor bruising during eyeliner procedures is possible if the skin being tattooed is very thin and close to the vascular system. This also applies to lip procedures in the event the client is more mature. If bruising does occur, typically it subsides in a few days.
  • There is usually some tenderness for a few days. The color is much darker than you may expect for the first week until skin flakes off.

How Long Does Each Procedure Take?

Numbing takes aprox 15mins included in procedure time.
Top lid lash enhancing liner 1hour
Bottom liner 1hour
Top liner 1hour 15mins
Top and bottom liner (together) 1hour 30mins
Eyebrows 2hours
Lip liner 1hour 30mins
Touch up on existing client procedures 45mins to an hour.

Is it safe?

  • A new needle is used for each client.
  • Equipment and supplies are sterilized and stored in a sanitary manner.
  • New gloves are worn for each procedure.
  • All equipment is wrapped in plastic and rewrapped after use to avoid any cross contamination.

Is it painful?

No,I take pride in making you as comfortable as possible. Some people experience some discomfort while others nothing at all. This will vary according to each individual’s threshold. Using two topical aesthetics that have been medically developed for permanent makeup application makes procedures reasonably comfortable. Initially before the 2nd anaesthetics has been absorbed you can sometimes feeling a scratching/tickle sensation. You may experience tenderness post procedure once the anaesthetic has worn

Are permanent cosmetics really permanent?

Technically, permanent cosmetic procedures are considered permanent because the colour implanted into the skin cannot be washed off. However, as with any tattoo, fading can and often does occur, requiring periodic maintenance, colour re-enhancement or refreshing. Just like hair colour, furniture located near a window, or even house paint, the implanted colour will fade over time depending on your health, lifestyle, skin type and how well you care for your skin.

How are permanent cosmetic procedures done?

My permanent cosmetic procedures are performed using a delicate power pen. Your appointment includes a consent form with a medical overview and a detailed discussion regarding your expectations including design and colour. The numbing and application of the pigment follows. You are a part of the whole process during the procedure. Everything is explained to you with total appreciation that you have put your trust in me with your permanent cosmetics.

Who can benefit from Permanent Makeup?

  • Active Lifestyles – Permanent makeup allows a person to feel more confident when participating in activities that normally cause conventional makeup to sweat off.
  • Little or no brow hair – Thinning brow hair is a sign of aging and gives the illusion of the face dropping. Permanent Cosmetics can be applied to the eyebrow area in such a way that it looks as if more eyebrow hair is growing, framing and lifting the face.
  • Thin Lips – Lip Liner and Full Lip Color can make shrinking lips look fuller and detract from lines around an aging mouth. It helps rebuild the rim of the lip giving a smoother edge to the lips
  • Little or no lash hair – Eyelash hair also thins with age. Permanent Eyeliner gives eyes the illusion of thicker lashes.
  • Visual impairment  / Contact lenses – As women get older their eyesight worsens which makes it tricky to apply symmetrical brows ad eyeliner.
  • Allergies and make up irritations.
  • Unsteady hands – As people get older their mobility is hindered and it is more difficult to apply makeup in a precise manner. Permanent Cosmetics allow an older woman to feel assured that her makeup looks good and consistent all the time.
  • Those who just want to look great all of the time without the hassle – Permanent Makeup is often recommended by plastic surgeons because it is the “icing on the cake” after he has performed a brow lift or a full face lift. Permanent Makeup services are the perfect completion to the new look of plastic surgery

What is Permanent make up?

Micropigmentation more commonly known as permanent makeup, is the process of applying pigment 1mm into the skin using a fine short micro needle. A body tattoo goes 3mm into the skin. The principle is the similar however the equipment and pigments and depths into the skin differ. Permanent makeup is more delicate, a smaller machine with a finer needle and organic area specific facial pigments that are true to their colour are used.


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