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Immediately after the treated area looks TOO dark and TOO thick. This is due to the pigment crust/ scab formation. All colours scab 50% DARKER and THICKER. It will fade 50%.

Apply a THIN layer of BACITRACIN / PLAIN VASELINE / CHLORAMEX to treated area in morning and evening with an ear bud for 3 DAYS ONLY. After 3 days no need to apply anything else. DO NOT APPLY BACTROBAN/ZAMBUK. Bactroban will draw out the ink.

Anti-inflammatory tablets / painkillers can be taken to subside burn sensation. An ice 2xArnica homeopathic tablets can be chewed every 2 hrs to reduce swelling and bruising (if any).

An ice pack on the area for 10 mins at a time after procedure that evening and following am will minimize and bring down swelling.

DO NOT wet the treated area. Wash your face as normal but around treated area, do not wash the treated area with soap or chemicals. Pat dry. No rubbing. The less you agitate the treated area, the better result you will have.

Foundation / eye shadow / face powder can be applied over the treated area to soften the appearance or to cover any possible bruising.

After 3 to 5 days flaking skin may start to come off, this may take a few days. Treated area may look TOO LIGHT and uneven in colour. This is normal. You have 7 layers of skin, and it takes 6-7 weeks for all the colour to surface through the 7 layers and become complete and even everywhere.

Do not pick off. Let it heal on its own.

Picking will lead to uneven patches and touch ups will be required.

Itching is normal as new cells are growing rapidly. Tap or lightly scratch around the area.

After 10 days your eyeliner will start to look good but still uneven in solidness, colour and undertone. Every week for a total of 6-8 weeks the colour will mature and even out and become more visible.


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